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Aramis Smania

Antea rug with viscose detail.
Antea’s softness invites to take a few steps on its nuance, which recalls the color of the sky. Golden details create a very refined pattern that distinguishes this rug among many luxury accessories.
Thanks to Antea yarn’s sinuous pattern and timeless elegance, it can be placed in classic and modern living rooms. Why not add a touch of color to your luxury bedroom as well? Aramis can also be the ideal distinctive element of a first-class office.
Its versatility is further enhanced by the customization. Antea yarn is available in four different colors, and you can choose between two nuances of viscose as well. Combine them according to your original taste and create your exclusive rug.

Dim: 300x200

Price: 46,720 GHS 31,895 GHS -31%

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