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Jamal Smania

Opaque or tobacco opaque rosewood writing desk with 3 drawers and legs upholstered with leather, steel details with polished black nickel finish.
Leather, wood, and metal: Jamal is the perfect elegant contrast of materials, which enhance each other. The wood shows its flawless shades on the top and in some parts of the sides, the soft and smooth leather upholsters the drawers and the legs, while the metal enlightens the base of the legs. In addition, thanks to the Jersey decoration on the front side of the drawers, Jamal enhances any luxury furnishing.
The traditional design is characterized by some innovative lines on the legs, for such reason, it combines with classic studios that also contemplate modern style.
Lastly, Jamal can be customized in order to match with your exclusive style. You can change the wood, lacquered or not, the leather and the metal. You can even decide to replace the material of the top with one of the marbles available. The resulting element will be unique!

Price: 34,546 GHS 23,583 GHS -31%

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